The LiveWave Antenna is provided by FreeSeeTV and brings you as a consumer TV entertainment directly into the living room or bedroom. With LiveWave’s antenna you get a lot of television programs directly on the TV.

Reception with the LiveWave Antenna

With the LiveWave antenna, you have a receiver and transmitter in one product. Depending on the region and place of residence, the number of stations received may vary. The LiveWave Antenna will receive transmission signals from transmitter stations up to 48 kilometers away. The orientation of the towers, as well as your local wall conditions and interference areas are also factors that may limit or obstruct the search of the antenna.

TV – it has never been easier

Grab the LiveWave Antenna and enjoy many free TV programs. With the LiveWave Antenna you get the public broadcasters like BBC, ITV, and Channel 4, as well as the private channels from Sky. With the LiveWave Antenna you receive 90% of all important programs. So television has never been easier!

Easy compatibility and great versatility

The LiveWave Antenna is extremely easy to assemble and provides the ideal connection to the previous cable TV in your living room. The installation of the LiveWave Antenna is also easy for laymen. Just follow the existing instructions and go through the steps point by point. Then you will certainly have no problems with the installation and installation. Also modern is the compatibility of the LiveWave Antenna. For example, it integrates easily with HD receivers, desktop computers and laptops. After installation, you have immediate and complete access to all TV channels. The LiveWave Antenna also has multidirectional reception, so you do not even need to align the antenna. The constant adjustment to find the best place for the antenna and the special transmitter is definitely a thing of the past with the LiveWave Antenna. Choose the pure antenna or make the ideal connection with a suitable amplifier. This is how you manage to create the optimal conditions for the LiveWave Antenna and the television.

An additional choice between 5 and 50 channels

Since the understanding of wireless television is not yet very pronounced for many customers, the provider simply tested his own LiveWave Antenna himself. The test environment was the city of Liverpool. Here, the LiveWave Antenna was set up and the reception recorded. The same thing took place at many other locations in Liverpool. The statistics were evaluated and show the end customer that the LiveWave Antenna offers consistent quality. There were several channels available at all times. There was also an additional choice between 5 and 50 channels. The LiveWave Antenna has been placed in the best possible position in the apartment. All locations delivered excellent results. Another test run took place in Leeds. Here, 3 of 5 locations also had a large selection of canals to admire. In part, the results were even better than in Liverpool. A total of 12 stations were available at all times in Leeds.

Our conclusion – It is important to understand that no HDTV antenna, such as the LiveWave antenna, can provide you with additional pay-TV channels, such as satellite or cable or similar. For the latest films and series, we highly recommend a Netflix subscription.

Instead, you can often watch your usual channels such as BBC One, Two and Four, ITV, Channel 4, E4, Channel 5 and similar with HDTV antennas. While this is not a bad product, it is important that your expectations remain realistic.

As simple as that!

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Here is a tip: LiveWave is a great gift for travelers.

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